Monday, March 23, 2009

I'm sorry, I have to get this off of my chest...

I can barely read Jezebel anymore, because sometimes, reading the comments make me want to puke pink.

I'm not even going to pretend that I bring anything to the comment table, but after spending so much time defending it, and getting irritated at people who have ridiculed it, I have to admit that the comments are super predictable. The posts themselves have clearly become formulaic, which I blame on the staff now, all I need to do is read the headline to know exactly what the article will say and exactly how the commenters will respond. It's really sad.

Monday, March 9, 2009

She's Crafty

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What you work for

When my friends are doing well in their careers, I find myself not so much jealous of their success, but envious of the fact that they are doing the things necessary to accomplish their goals. I won't accomplish what they have and will accomplish but they are role models for me and inspire me to keep working to achieve my dreams.

I worked on a show fall of 2008 with a man named Matthew Lewis who gave me great advice on a daily basis. He told me once that I could only have my own career, and that others would keep theirs whether I thought I deserved them or not.
-Matt roi Berger

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A brief interruption

I will not apologize for my appreciation of low art. If you therefore feel compelled to think me stupid, base, or simply tasteless, I heretofore and hereafter find it to be your right to feel as much. But I personally refuse to feel stupid, base, or tasteless, regardless of whether or not I am these (undeniably subjective) things.

That Night

Before she was slaying vampires with Buffy, cheering with Kirsten, or playing a more acceptable version of a futuristic, brainwashable prostitute, Eliza Dushku was an awkward little girl, battling Katherine Heigl and trying to be Juliette Lewis in That Night, the Romeo and Juliet for the born-in-the-80s, latchkey-kid sect. A summer HBO staple, this movie was the stuff of fantasy for a number of young women. For me, it's sort of strange looking back on this admittedly rather mediocre film and recognizing some of these now-famous faces...because I want this movie to exist in the sort of capsule of naive magic it made me believe in as a young girl.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hear Boys! (Talk)

PhotobucketThe new Licks album, "Hear Boys Talk," is almost complete.

Check out some of the prereleased tracks on The Galaxist.

Linda Hamilton