Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The 2010 Academy Awards Nominations

My triumphant return to blogging will include my initial reactions to the announcement of the nominations for the 82nd Annual Academy Awards. First, yes, the Academy Awards are a joke but it's still difficult for me to not find a slight flutter in my heart during this apex of the awards season. Second, as per usual, I have not seen most of the movies up for awards. I would actually like to remedy that this year. Now, to my reactions:
  • If Avatar wins Best Picture, I might lose all faith in humanity. I could deal with Cameron winning Best Director (though it would be awesome if Bigelow won for history-sake - I would like to actually see The Hurt Locker before I say whether or not I think she deserves it).
  • "[ExtensionOfBob] would love to see a movie win Best Costume Design in which the costume designers actually designed the costumes and didn't pull them from the period piece rack at the costume rental warehouse and toss some accessories with them."
  • Precious is up for best editing? Really? That was one of the weakest parts of the film. Or maybe I'm confusing editing with the script...
  • I *heart* Woody Harrelson.
  • It would be awesome if Gabourey won Best Actress. But is Sandra a lock?
  • I'm glad Anna Kendrick is nominated for Up in the Air because she was kinda crazy-good in that, considering it's one of those solid-but-not-typical-Oscar-bait fare type movies. I do think the entire Academy should get kicked in the shins if Mo'Nique doesn't win.
  • I hear great things about The Fantastic Mr. Fox. I liked Coraline and it would be nice if it won. Everyone also lost their s*** over Up, too...though the support wanes as the movie goes on, it seems.
  • If Avatar doesn't win every tech category, I will laugh myself to sleep.
  • A lot of times shorts up for awards become available to view online. I hope this is the case again this year, especially for the doc shorts.
  • I think they should expand the Foreign Language Film category to 10 noms as well.
  • I hope D9 wins something but it looks like it's up against some heavy hitters.
  • Also, Mary and Max might've been the best movie I saw in 2009.