Saturday, August 22, 2009

But don't diss my Twilight

"So let's let twygones be twygones, people: the world is a rather unsparkly place if you can't laugh a little at the things you claim to love." -hortense

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Scene from Runaway Bride

  I'm going to kill myself.


  Because you think I'm all like... "Hey 
  man, check me out".

  No, I don't think you're like, "I'm 
  charming and mysterious in a way that 
  even I don't understand and something 
  about me is crying out for protection 
  from a big man like you".  Very hard 
  to compete with.  Especially to us 
  married women who have lost our mystery.

  But you haven't lost your mystery!  
  You're very mysterious!

  No.  I'm weird.  Weird and mysterious 
  are two different things.

  But I'm weird.

  No.  You're quirky.  Quirky and weird 
  are two different things.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

John Hughes is dead and we can't stop talking about how wonderful or flawed his work was

kimberly: am I the only one who hates that Some Kind of Wonderful movie?
me: Yes
I never liked it when I was younger but now I might like it even more than Pretty in Pink I think b\c I've become less of an Andie and more of a Watts according to the Facebook quiz I just took, at least And I totes just bought it the other day
If it makes you feel better, I hate 16 Candles, Weird Science, and Ferris Beuler
Or however you spell his name
kimberly: hahaha
that doesn't make me feel better, no
me: Damn. I tried. Hahaha
kimberly: I don't know if it's partly because I didn't see Some Kind of Wonderful until I was older like late high school or college so I was already area of what complete bullshit it was but yeah, it sorta grosses me out it's dumb that he spends his college money on earrings for a girl and it's gross that that's what's supposed to impress her and I don't get why watts would like him he treats her as a chauffeur!
me: I think that's why I hated it as a kid
kimberly: haha
so why do you like it now?
'cause of watts?
me: b\c I'm more of a dreamer now And I know that love really does suck
kimberly: LOL
I'm not sure that's one of those things you're supposed to "know"
I wrote that last year I haven't reread it but like, I always liked that Andy ended up with Blane...b\c it makes sense but their whole relationship was them talking about their relationship
Where Watts and what's-his-face were actually friends
And like, the grown up me knows that Blane and Andie won't actually last But the grown up me also knows that what's-his-face is only settling for Watts And that's what really happens in life and that's what works
Wow. That sounded way more jaded and depressing than I meant it to
kimberly: (just finished reading's very well-thought out)
haha yeah, I was sorta with you until the settling part
so like regarding Pretty in Pink it's interesting 'cause when I was younger like 12 or whatever it was my favorite of the Big Three movies I really wanted to love Breakfast Club, but I was extremely disappointed, to be honest, don't love it all that much
16 Candles was okay but Pretty in Pink was the time, I loooooved Andrew McCarthy and I thought the thing between him and Andie was so hot
me: Sometimes I adore breakfast club, sometimes it makes me go "Meh". I'm with hortense on always being bothered that the geek is the only one that got no ass
(Also, I always thought Andrew McCarthy was fug until I saw him as an adult in Joy Luck I think he's hot shit.)
kimberly: I agree with you, like, I remember being surprised that she was originally supposed to end up with Duckie because although I've totally been into other "in love with the best friend" narratives, I didn't feel anything between her and Duckie...Like he had this crush on her, yes, but even that was sorta the painful, not based on any real chemistry crush of people
Really? I was all over Andrew McCarthy
then when I watched it when I was older it's like probably my least favorite....of course, the ending never made sense, even when I was younger...the whole "you didn't believe in yourself" thing but watching it when I was older it was even more like
me: Hahahahahaha
kimberly: yeahhh...he's a coward and the fact that he was so easily manipulated and a snob is ridiculous
For real!
me: But they're also just kids. We have to remember that
kimberly: I thought he looked so hot the whole movie except the last scene which was obviously shot later 'cause his hair is a totally different color!
they're 18...I'm pretty sure "love the person you love whether or not they own a mercedes" is a lesson even Michelle would get in season 3 of full house
me: Yeah...they had to reshoot that last scene, b\c in the original ending, it's her and Ducky. So, he'd shaved his head for another movie and they had to give him this shitty wig

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Favorite Movie Battles

Here's a list of my favorite battles (with a couple of borderline fight) scenes from film. I have never been a fan of modern war films, perhaps they are too real for me? So there are many that I haven't seen, though I am sure they are as amazing as people think. This list is about my favorites, not necessarily the best and you will see that most (haha, out of 5) are of the speculative fiction variety.

5. The Battle of Klendathu from Starship Troopers
4. The Gladiators Work Together from Gladiator
3. The Battle for Zion from The Matrix Revolutions
2. William Wallace Final Battle from Braveheart
1. The Battle of Helms Deep from The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

Actually, I do want you to be my friend

Tuesday, August 4, 2009