Friday, December 19, 2008


While I am made just as uncomfortable by the cultural and social implications of Burger King's new Whopper Virgins campaign as its many question is, how did they make the Big Macs? They show how they made the Whopper but they don't explain how they took the care to make sure they made the Big Mac comparably to how it would be made in a McDonald's. (Yes, I know, "care" might be the wrong word.)


Anonymous said...

The Food Corporations of the United States of America: killing the indigenous peoples of the world, one heart attack at a time........Seriously though, I remarked to my Dad that Burger King seemed to have the worst ad campaigns for what it seemed like years. He responded that they've always had terrible, terrible ad campaigns as far back as he could remember. This begs the question, can you think of a good Burger King ad campaign.

Mk said...

I tried to think of a good one...but I failed. Ok, I kinda like some of the King commercials.