Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Truth Shall Set You Free

PhotobucketToday I turned to my internet friends to settle once and for all a debate I've had with a number of people about the Steven Spielberg directed film Artificial Intelligence: AI.

Some people believed that the entities (in the picture above) were aliens, while I was strongly convinced that they were an advanced mecha, due to their cybernetic design and deep seeded fascination with and knowledge of humanity. Well, it appears I was right. According to Mr. Spielberg:

They are not aliens but state of the art artificial intelligence, robots at the point of perfection. They have created themselves and continue to procreate without mankind on the face of the planet. Now had Stanley directed it, would you still have thought they were aliens?

So, case closed. (Some Googling could've closed this case 9 years ago, but I guess it's more fun to argue about it.)

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