Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fforest Camp in Wales: Cool Domes & Stylish Supplies

I love to camp but I haven't been camping in 8 years. It is amazing how time can escape from you.

One of the things I also love are really unique camping experiences. This place below appears to be particularly interesting. It is a little too comfortable for me to really classify it as camping, but it is definitely more of a nature experience than I get in my current living situation.

Fforest Camp in Wales: Cool Domes & Stylish Supplies: "

I adore the idea of a rustic escape, but roughing it in the wilderness can also be seriously intimidating for a city girl like myself. Fforest camp in Wales looks like the ideal combination of outdoor adventure and well-styled interior space with an online shop featuring gorgeous locally-made Welsh blankets along with a nice selection of other camping supplies.

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