Wednesday, January 2, 2008

To Cherish and Embarrass

I must admit that I am probably late to this party. I was just watching Wildest Wedding Show Moments 2 when they showed a clip of a scene that a friend of mine had told me about.

We had been talking about public marriage proposals. For the most part, I think they're sweet. I think it'd be awesome for a guy to propose to me at a baseball game, for instance. But only if it had been clearly established that we planned on getting married. The idea of turning down a marriage proposal is almost as painful as the idea of having my marriage proposal rejected. Now imagine being proposed to by someone who you don't want to marry in front of thousands of people? What do you do? Do you say yes to spare that person the embarrassment, or do you follow your heart and say no?

Now, I've found that the clip I saw on TV was a hoax, but the below clip seems to have actually happened. (And it seems to have happened just a couple of months after the hoax. Bad timeline on my part? Life imitating art? Or another hoax? Suspicious, but still outrageous.)

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