Saturday, February 9, 2008


Sometimes it helps to write things down, lest you forget, or lest anyone asks you and you haven't the time to tell them. This list might grow with time. We'll see. So, my affirmations, my beliefs:
  • I believe in an all-powerful and loving God.
  • I believe in the divinity of Jesus Christ and in his plan to save humanity.
  • I believe that we as people will never 100% understand God's plan but that He calls us and encourages us to try to do so.
  • I believe that no man should be completely alone.
  • I believe in the importance of family, whether blood related or not, for each person's emotional well-being...for support, encouragement...united in an effort to grow and love.
  • I believe in karma, not in the full reincarnationist sense of the word, but in the idea that the sort of energy you put out in the world is the sort of energy which will permeate and surround your life: if you constantly expel negativity, your life will be shrouded in negative energy.
  • I believe that the heart and mind should work in concert with one another; that emotion without reason is dangerous and reason without emotion is blind.
  • I believe that we need artists just as much as we need doctors.
  • I believe that the most important members of our society are often the most underpaid.
  • I believe it's better to live a short fulfilling life than a long, meaningless one.
  • I believe that chocolate can cure almost anything.
  • I believe in self-fulfilling prophecy.
  • I believe that it's ok to burn bridges if said bridges are nothing but precariously placed tight-ropes.

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