Tuesday, February 26, 2008

An Experiment in Unavailability: Day 4

This previous Friday, I was using the restroom in a lovely Jamaican restaurant/bar, when I decided to place my cell phone on top of the toilet tank in an effort to prevent it from falling out of my pocket and onto the floor. Unfortunately, my chosen surface was slightly slanted and not flat as I had previously assumed, and as soon as the toilet was done flushing, my cell phone went sliding into the white, water-filled bowl.

I immediately fished it out (and then immediately washed my hands). While my cell phone remained lit momentarily, the screen soon turned off, followed by the key pad. Despite my efforts over the next couple of days, I was unable to generate any sort of response from it after that.

Seeing as how cell phones are expensive and I am, for all intensive purposes, broke, it became clear that I would have to do without a cell phone until my next paycheck, which arrives in 2 days. I have gone ahead and ordered a cell phone which will hopefully arrive by the end of the week, but before then, I will include some anecdotes from my adventures in unavailability.

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