Sunday, March 2, 2008

An Experiment in Unavailability: Too Bored to Continue It

The message I sent out:

Quite honestly, this experiment ended before it officially* began. I failed. The lack of knowledge of the time at any given moment, the constant reaching into my purse, the jump and disappointment following the hearing of a familiar beep or feeling of a mild vibration, all became too much for me to bear...and therefore, I bought a phone, which I received this past Wednesday.

Thusly, you are now free to call me or text me, if such an activity would appeal to you. And those of you so kind as to give me your phone numbers are now capable of being called and text messaged by me. Thank you for your time and good humor.


* - "Official" meaning the start time stated in this Facebook event. It should be noted that nothing in life is official unless it appears in some form on Facebook.

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