Sunday, April 5, 2009


PhotobucketI keep plugging Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles...but unfortunately, one can not live on love alone. Many fans are waiting for the ax to all. The season finale is next week and yet there is no word yet as to whether or not there will be a third season. This is why I hate getting into television shows that aren't Law and Order: I could wake up one day and the show will be over.

The first time I remember this happening was with Models, Inc.. It was not a good show; a night soap. But this soap drew me in and the first season ended with a dramatic cliff hanger - only to never see the light of a second season.

So I protect my heart by trying to only watch shows once they are already off of the air. I bemoan the fact that there is only one season of Firefly, one of the best shows I have ever seen, but am infinitely glad that I did not have to witness its death. I didn't see it in all of its awesome glory until it was already gone. And I can say, perhaps it's good that it didn't go on. How very rock and roll to die young.


Anonymous said...

I find a majority of the shows worth watching are the ones that are ended before they had everything they were going to say. And as much as that's sad and as much as for some shows its even earlier then it should have been for stuff like 'Firefly', I think 'Firefly' in a twisted way, got lucky. I am not a browncoat, but if something is well done I'll admit it, and essentially every episode of that season is fantastic in one way or another and everything works and everything clicks. I firmly believe it would have been impossible to continue that rate of success. And though they didn't plan it that way necessarily, I would also add there's a reason why a sizable portion of the most highly rated English TV series lasts only one season; some stories were not set-up to last a hundred + episodes (some brits recognized that). With the exception of possible CSI and Law and Order, there isn't a show I've seen and liked, that's longer than two seasons that couldn't have afforded to not make two-fifths of their episodes. (I think I make exception for the two previous mentioned because their episodes so readily cling to the current mystery or case that unless the mysteries or cases get boring, which maybe some are, the show isn't other words the level of drama is usually overshadowed by the mystery so their half-life is longer and things become less stale. They're also formulaic. Of course if you have a formula that works....)

Mk said...

I firmly believe it would have been impossible to continue that rate of success.

I agree with you 100%.